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Employed-Based Immigration

We help foreign nationals and employers obtain the following:

  • Temporary Specialty Worker Visas (H-1B)

  • Intracompany Transfer Visas (L-1A and L-1B) Visas

  • NAFTA Visas (TN)

  • Exchange Visitor Program Waivers (J-1)

  • Tourist/Business Visas (B-1)

  • Visas for Persons of Extraordinary Ability (Sports, Artistic, and Entertainment Figures (O and P)

  • Visas for Religious Workers (R-1)

  • Health Care Workers

  • PERM Labor Certification

  • Green Cards for Workers

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Investment-Based Immigration

EB-5: The EB-5 visa gives permanent U.S. residency to those investing into government-approved projects across the United States of America. The USA EB-5 investment visa can be beneficial as it grants access to the U.

E-2: An effective alternative to the EB-5 is the E-2 visa. Investment must be “substantial” but in practice is far less than the EB-5. The E-2 can only be obtained by citizens of countries holding an E-2 treaty with the USA. This includes options such Pakistan, Canada, Bangladesh, and Turkey. Investment for citizenship in these countries entitles the holder to apply for an E-2.

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An initial consultation is a necessary step in selecting a suitable lawyer. We ensure that quality legal services are widely available to our community; therefore, we firmly believe that prospective clients should not be charged a fee to decide whether they want to retain an attorney. 

Limited Availability:


Telephone/Zoom Consultations Only

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Family-Based Immigration

We help individuals with a wide range of petitions:

  • Family-Based Green Cards AOS: (Spouse  and Parents)

  • Visas for Fiances (K-1)

  • Visas for Spouses (K-3)

  • Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers 

  • Claiming VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

  • Applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

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Citizenship & Naturalization

U.S. citizens enjoy precious rights, privileges, and responsibilities that are absent in many countries. These include voting, running for office, petitioning for family members, serving on a jury, and applying for federal jobs.

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Refugee & Asylum Law

In U.S. law, the search for protection from persecution occurs in two different fora —outside U.S. territory and within the United States. People who seek protection while outside the U.S. are termed refugees, while people who seek protection from inside the U.S. are termed asylum seekers. Those who are granted asylum are termed asylees.

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